Abdij Reigny

De statuten

The Friends of the Abbey of Reigny was declared July 19, 2005 at the prefecture of the Yonne.
Its objectives are:

    • To contribute to make known the architectural, cultural and historical Abbey Reigny historical monument in 1927.
    • Provide assistance to implement backup, restoration and conservation of the monument, and its opening to the public
    • Participate – through knowledge of the heritage of the Abbey of Reigny – teaching and promotion of cultural and artistic education, both in schools and universities and the general public.
    • To promote and develop research, scientific and technical studies in the areas Reigny Abbey is a remarkable witness history, art history, sociology of religion, ethnology, rural economy, architecture , engineering, including hydraulics, ecology, environment and other scientific and technical subjects.
    • To promote public reception trainee students, teachers and researchers; – to encourage and promote all forms of art could be welcomed at Reigny Abbey.
    • To receive by donation or deposit, or acquire, any art and craft, historical memorabilia relating to the history and vocation of the abbey, and interest or outstanding quality on artistically.
    • Maintain the collections housed in the Abbey of Reigny.
    • Organize all exhibitions in or outside the walls of these collections.
    • To acquire and manage the furniture and real estate necessary to achieve its purpose.
    • To undertake any actions directly or indirectly contributing to the achievement of its corporate purpose, culture and tourism.

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