Abbey Reigny

Scientific Advisory Board

The Honorary Committee and the Scientific Council

The general meeting of the association Reigny Abbey Friends of 7 July 2006 confirmed the creation of an Honorary Committee and a Scientific Council. Its mission, in parallel to that of the Board of Directors, is to enlighten the guidance office of the association and consider actions that it must lead, in the medium and long term. Members of these two entities are:
the scientific board are:

Honorary Committee

• Jean Chamant, former Vice President of the Senate, former Minister
• Henri de Raincourt, Senator of the Yonne, President of the General Council of the Yonne
• Hon. George et Dr Helene Vari, Presidents of the Vari Foundation (Canada)

scientific Council

history Committee :

Sylvain Aumard, researcher at the Centre for Medieval Studies,
Marlène Baron, Associate Professor, Doctor of History,
Nathalie Cètre, directriceBibliest – Career Training Centre Burgundy Libraries -Franche-Comté
Daniel Guerin, Director of the departmental archives of the Yonne,
Terry Kinder, researcher,
Maurice Régnier, historian,
Didier Ruchaud, certified teacher.

Tax and Legal Committee :

Olivier Rossi, attorney at law,
Eric Anthoine, tax lawyer.

Sponsorship and Public Relations Committee :

Jean-Philippe Testud, consultant,
Marie Laure Verroust, journalist.

Communications and Media Relations Committee :

Myrtho Jouannon, Press Secretary.

Works Committee :

Clément Rerolle, engineer.

International and European Affairs Committee :

Morgane Lesage, Assistant to the Secretariat for European Affairs.

Cultural and Artistic Development Committee :

Alain Lanceron, Director of EMI Classics France, president of Virgin classics world,
Bernard Blisten, Inspector General of Fine Arts at the Ministry of Culture.

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